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Trouble Shooter

If you have problems with your vehicle, look in to this chart to sort the problems:

  Condition Possible cause Remedy
1 Shift clutch slips at full throttle but not only just after shifting. Clutch linings oily, clutch defective, linkage incorrectly adjusted. Fit new plate, eliminate oil leakage, fit new clutch, adjust linkage, check if there is play in clutch linkage.
2 Clutch slips too long after gears has been shifted. Reducing valve adjusting screw in too far, hose between carburator and valve venting diaphragm leaking or off, venting diaphragm defective. Adjust correctly, fit new house, fit new diaphragm.
3 Clutch not disengaging properly. Linkage not adjusted properly, leakage in hose or vacuum tank, servo diaphragm defective, needle bearing in clutch defective. Adjust, eliminate leakage, fit new servo, fit new needle bearing and seal in clutch carrier plate.
4 Clutch not disengaging at all. Circuit to solenoid interrupted, switch contacts burnt or dirty, poor ground to body, solenoid in control valve defective, hoses kinked or collapsed (no air passage) servo diaphragm faulty, excessive voltage drop in cable to solenoid. Eliminate fault, fit new fuse, clean contacts or fit new switch, check ground connection, fit new solenoid, house or servo. May be necessary to install a relay to cure voltage drop.
5 Engine stalls during gear shift Hose from control valve to servo leaking, servo diaphragm leaking. Fit new hose or new servo.
6 Engine stalls and cannot be started again. Hose from manifold to control valve loose or defective, hose from control valve to vacuum tank loose or defective, tank leaking. Secure hose or fit new, repair hose or replace vacuum unit.
7 Clutch does not engage after shifting down. Gear level contacts sticking, ground in cable from contacts to solenoid, control valve solenoid sticking. Clean and free off contacts, fit new gear lever if necessary, eliminate ground or fit new cable, fit new solenoid.
8 Clutch grabs after selecting a gear. Oil or grease on clutch linings, friction surface of carrier plate distorted. Fit new plate, fit new carrier plate or machine old one.
9 Vehicle jerks at idling speed when lever is released after selecting a gear. Idling speed too high, control valve adjustment incorrect. Adjust idling, adjust control valve.
10 Noise from converter (high-pitched hissing). Oil level in container low, pressure low, converter losing oil at pump hub or at welded seam between impeller and turbine. Add oil, strip and check pump, replace seal on pump hub, replace converter.
11 Poor acceleration despite good engine output. Converter faulty, check stall speed with aid of electronic rev counter, should be between 2000-2500rpm. If stall speed to high or too low, fit a new converter.
12 Warning lights do not work. The lights can be checked with a stall speed test. Secure vehicle with hand and foot brakes, engage 3rd and give full throttle. After about 2 minutes oil temperature should reach 125 degrees C and lamp light up. Lamp or cable faulty or temperature switch defective. Replace lamp, repair cable, replace defective switch.


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